The Efficient Film Composing Workflow

What Efficiency Means to a Film Composer

How does a concept like efficiency tie in to composing music for a film? Writing music is a creative pursuit, and for most composers, the more time they can spend in that creative zone, the better the final product will be.

Being efficient in this context means maximizing your time in the creative stages of the project, and minimizing your time on things like logistics and technical issues. Having a well-designed music composing workflow is the key.


Film Composer Salary – How Much Can You Make?

Making Money From Film Music

If you would ask most film composers, they would probably say they got into this career because they loved music – not because they wanted to get rich. And in general, that’s probably the best reason to get into any career. Being passionate about what you do makes “work” feel less like work.

But if you’re trying to make a living off of composing film scores, one of your first questions is, “is it even possible?” What is a typical film composer salary? Like many industries, there is a huge range of possibilities. Read on to see how much composers get paid for working on different types of projects.