Download Coconut Kalimba Samples

Pay-what-you-want for this fun sample of a souvenir kalimba made out of a coconut. Download includes .sf2, .sfz, and .wav samples as well as a readme with tech specs and additional resources. See this post for more details, and listen to the demo below.

These files contain 9 MB of 26 unique .wav samples spanning two octaves, at two different velocities. The samples range from C2 through C4; anything above or below that will be software interpolation. The kalimba itself only has 12 metal tines, so I re-tuned it in order to get 2 octaves. It’s got a quirky sound, with a lot of imperfections and funky overtones. You can see it in action here.

There’s a handy readme file to go along with the samples here

You can see the sampling process here: