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Moving Forward

I started this site to be a resource for DIY film composers like me. I wanted to publish content that I wish I had access to when I was early in my journey. I haven’t been able to post in a while because life and work have gotten in the way, but I want to keep this resource alive.

It’s important to me that this site stays freely accessible. That’s why I’m converting everything to a Creative Commons license, removing all ads, and disabling monetization from affiliate links. I’ve also made the previously paid downloads free. I’m not going to write sponsored posts or promote products that I don’t genuinely endorse. It is more true to the original intent of the site.

Moving forward, I hope to post things that I find interesting or useful to the DIY film composer, or just the interested reader. If you find this site useful, feel free to build upon it and share it with others. I appreciate those who have supported me thus far, and hope to add more content soon. Thanks for reading!

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