Finding the perfect tempo for a film score

Is there a perfect tempo for a film score? Shouldn’t it be driven by the mood of the particular moment, or the style of the music? Does it even have to be constant?

At first blush, determining the perfect tempo may not seem that important when it comes to film composing. But, while there may not be one perfect tempo, there are a handful that work better than others. Read on to see what factors make one tempo better than another for a film score.


Film Composing Process – Sketching

The composing process is different for every film composer. When you’re in the studio, staring at the screen, how do you make your first move? How to you begin to put notes down on paper (real or virtual)? It doesn’t have to be scary. In this post I walk through how I approach the beginning of the actual film composing process – or, what I call sketching.